SAPP Saskatchewan Awareness of Post Polio Society Inc.


I contracted polio in 1947. The spinal tap showed twice as many virus as had ever been heard of before. I was not expected to live over night, but here I am almost 50 years later. I have been confined to a wheelchair for all these years but I managed all the housework, I had two children-when they left home I worked outside the home for ten years.

I first heard of the Post Polio Syndrome in the early 80's. My reaction was "Thank God it missed me". but it didn't!! These last 2-3 years have been rough. My husband has had to take over most of the house work. I am always very tired. Tendons in shoulders slip out of place: the skin on back of right thigh feels like it is burning; so painful I have to take aspirin at night in order to get any sleep, (Have heart palpitations but not sure if PPS is to blame). Mentally I find myself "hunting for words; at times hard to express myself.
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