SAPP Saskatchewan Awareness of Post Polio Society Inc.



President's Message

First and foremost on behalf of the Board myself and Sharon we wish everyone Seasons Greetings and a Prosperous 1998. Now a reminder our 1998 Membership is Due.

My report will be based on the Calgary 97' Post Polio International Conference. We had 14 S.A.P.P. members invade Calgary, 6 members attending on their own and 4 sponsored by Provincial and 3 sponsored by Saskatoon. Located geographically those not sponsored are 4 Shellbrook, 1 Arelee, 1 Saskatoon. Those members sponsored are 2 Regina, 1 Craik, 1 Marshall, 1 Prince Albert and 3 Saskatoon. Our "THANKS" are extended the Knights of Columbus Council # 5353 Spirtwood who through the Provincial sponsored the member from Prince Albert, "THANK YOU"!

The total conference was great, with a good range of professional speakers, workshops, interaction with other survivors and that wonderful Calgary Hospitality. Our congratulations and thanks to the Conference Committee, with special consideration to Dodi and Reny.

At 6:00 P.M. Saturday we arrived renewed some old friendships and made contact with new friends. Sunday - Registration and a Stampede Brunch. With Gary McPherson giving the "Politicians Welcome" - this was one interesting individual.

Christopher Rutty, presented his Thesis "History of Polio in Canada", this was followed by (Question period). We have Chris's thesis in our library.

Next Arty Coppes with Alberta Children's Hospital, "Their Part in the History of Polio". one of our members had been spent time at Children's Hospital. Some of the nurses were present to renew acquaintance and tell some tales on survivors.

Monday - Dr. R. Feldman, "Non-fatiguing exercises" Followed by a (Questions period).

Derek Wilken, "The sense of Humour" in this everyone in the room participated, learning that a sense of humour is an important factor in survival. This was eye opening and entertaining.

Our Lunch time was arranged each day as to include a Nap Time. After lunch we had Dr. Pim, Alberta Health, "The importance of Immunization"-This was one of the best presentations on Immunization I have heard. (Question period).

An interesting workshop on humour in catastrophe, by Derek Wilken participants finding humour in an "Ann Landers" type letter was in the order before Dinner.

After dinner was the class for Physio Therapists, presented by Dr. Feldman and his Therapist Anita Clarke.

Tuesday - Rev. Schienbein, "Multiple Losses", Survivors and Spouses, Questions period, this left a great deal of room for thought, the relativity was something I had not realized, but it is there.

Dr. Marny Eulberg, a General Practitioner and researcher and herself a survivor spoke on, "What your Doctor should Know" (Question period) - Lunch & NT

Dr. Richard Bruno, with a definite place in life's pattern. "Fatigue and the Post Polio Brain" (now I have an legit excuse ?) (Question period).

Two workshops before Dinner, one Presented by Physiotherapists from Denmark and what was happening there with Post Polio, The National Society of Polio and Accident Victims in Denmark (PTU) is a society of persons disabled by Polio or injuries caused by accidents. The other Workshop was for partners of survivors by Rev. Schienbein, Workshop on obtaining and holding Volunteers.

Wednesday - Medical Day, was a free day with some tours planned for the others. "STAMPEDE STYLE BANQUET" this was some event and enjoyed by all, great hospitality and entertainment.

Thursday - Dr. Karen E.Pape was scheduled but was unable to attend. Dr. Pape's spot for Medical Day and Thursday was filled by Regina's Dr. Mavis Matheson, an overall examination of daily activities was the subject. (Question period)

Dr. Daria A. Trojan of McGill University, "Pharmacological use in the treatment of PPS", (Question period) - Lunch & NT -

Drs. Bruno and Frick, (Spouses and Survivors), "International Post Polio Survey includes PPS & Childhood Trauma" We are enclosing some survey forms if you would, please fill as directed on each form and forward on to Dr. Richard Bruno, Post-Polio Rehabilitation and Research Service, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, 300 Market Street, Saddle Brook, New Jersey 07663 U.S.A.

The week was concluded by a gathering of about 15 of us in a farewell supper with intentions of renewing acquaintances again. Information material in relation to the conference will be made available as soon as it is received.

Ron Johnson, President


Effective September 15, 1997 the disabled licence plate will no longer be issued under the Disabled Parking program. We will, however, continue to provide the disabled placard to people with qualifying disabilities. This will bring Saskatchewan's disabled parking program in line with most other Canadian jurisdictions.

Disabled licence plates currently in use will be grandfathered for two years. Those customers with existing disabled licence plates can convert to regular licence plates at no additional cost at renewal time.

This change will reduce administration of the program while providing the same privileges and conveniences. In addition, it will reduce the potential abuse of the program whereby two vehicles are displaying disabled parking symbols; the plate on one vehicle and the corresponding placard on another.

If you have any questions, please call either: